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With 48 hours of signing up with our program, we’ll run customer interviews/surveys alongside a thorough edit of all your online assets. We’ll  uncover growth opportunities and target the the low hanging fruits that can start showing you immediate results. 

Our proven jobs-to-be-done framework will help you map your customer journey, set milestones and track KPIs against each campaign. You should be able to see results in three-eight weeks and scale things that work best for your product/service.

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Stop spending 1000s of dollars on marketing tools and automations when you don’t know if it would work for your tool or not. Use our resources and tools to test things first and then scale based on what’s working. 

Plus, your account manager will work closely with you to test things till you have a fully optimized funnel that converts any cold prospect into a raving customer. We’ll help you automate your funnel to the maximum extent possible and select the right tech stack for your product from onboarding to an automated referral system.

Scale based on what works

Once you know the campaigns that are working for your brand, you can take the reins in your hand. We’ll make custom SOPs, and training videos for your product/ service and train, so that you can give those to your in-house employees/ use it in the future to continue getting the same results. 

Your account manager will also be available for three months after the end of the program to help you out with any other help that you need. They’ll help you set up and implement all the systems and procedures inside of your company- including all inbound, outbound, and brand campaigns.

Your business is unique, and so is the growth team you need. We build the perfect team for your exact goals.
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Small tweak in positioning, 10,000+ users, and more

Listnr is a text-to-speech tool that helps users create AI voice overs in more than 75 languages in a few seconds. 

They’d positioned themselves as the best voiceover solution in the market but this positioning wasn’t working for them as it sounded generic and didn’t address a specific audience

The Process​

Mrig created an email sequence to reach out to existing customers to find out the use cases for the app. 

After analyzing the responses, she realized that YouTube video creators and podcasters mainly used the tool to create content. 

So, she mapped out a persona and created a unique positioning they could use to stand out from the competition and build a loyal user base.


Within 90 days, our team came up with a marketing roadmap and changed their positioning to a “tool that’s catered to creators who want to amplify their digital presence.”

This expanded their audience from “everyone who knew the importance of audio” to “a tool that helps creators expand their digital footprint & do more of what they’re passionate about”

Listnr now boasts of 10,000+ users on its platform and is only growing.

Case Study: 24SevenCommerce

Whopping 9.49% Increase In Conversions In Just 5 Months

24SevenCommerce is a global leader in offering POS ecommerce integration systems that help brick-and-mortar store owners digitize their presence and sell online. 

The company’s website was drawing a lot of traffic but they were not able to effectively convert that traffic into paying customers. 

The Process

For 24SevenCommerce, we wanted to create an optimized funnel that got people to consume content till the point they felt confident in the services of the platform and were willing to book a time to speak with us.  So, we kept created specific product-led pieces and included tofu, bofu, and mofu queries in each sales enabled content piece. 

This immediately increased the session time of the user since readers could find everything they were looking for in one page. Plus, they kept consuming articles in a sequence which built trust with cold prospects and ultimately helped get more product signups.


Just 5 months into our partnership, we saw a 9.49% increase in total traffic conversions and 107.94% additional users interacting with the platform.

Artwork Flow- 1.2m brand impressions and 11 enterprise customers in 6 months

Artwork Flow is an artwork label management software that helps businesses in the regulated industries optimize their label creation process and manage artworks with ease. 

They wanted a GTM strategy for their artwork management tool and wanted to build authority in their niche space. 

The Process

We ran some market research to find out what people struggling with creative collaboration in the compliance industries were searching. 

We realized that our prospects visited sites of FDA, FSSAI, etc. to understand regulations and ensure compliance of all their labels and packages.

So, we designed extremely condensed checklists that prospects can download (instead of going through clunky government websites to get data) in exchange for their contact information.

We nurtured these cold leads with case studies, comprehensive labelling guides for regulated industries and articles centered around streamlining the artwork management process so that they were ready for our sales team.


6 months after signing up with us, more than 80 of their pages rank on the first page of Google search results- many of them in featured snippets.

Their content has made over 1.2m impressions, 553 clicks, and given the company 11 paying enterprise clients in just a period of 6 months.

Case Study: Invideo

400% traffic growth in 60 days

InVideo is a DIY video creation platform that lets users easily turn their ideas into real-time videos. The company wanted a partner that would help them reach their target market through proprietary content strategies, an engaged following and opportunities to drive more sign-ups on their website.

The Process

We knew that SEO was already working well for Invideo but we had to do a better job of convincing the prospect of the value of the platform. 

So, we re-purposed a lot of their content and created new SEO centered product pieces that showed how the user can implement each idea with our templates (linking to the specific ones)

This made it super-easy for the end user to take action. All they had to do was click on the template link to get started. We also showed the user how they can tweak things, add story (with brand examples), spice up with music, use animations, etc. 


In the first 60 days, the average daily number of visitors to your website more than quadrupled from 44,121 in June to 1,77,915 in August. That’s a substantial increase of 400%. (that’s also when we also repurposed a lot of their old content)

What People Are Saying

She gave us a new found confidence in our content marketing efforts. One word to describe Mrig… Amazeballs. Her content pieces have given us a few found confidence in our content marketing and our octopus e-commerce integration succeeding. She’s explained our product really well and integrated just the right bits to attract the right ICP, engage them with product storytelling, and CTA them to take our product for a spin. Great product-led content and copywriting.

Dhruv Ahluwalia Business Manager, 24SevenCommerce

Mrignayni helped me strategize content for one of the apps I was planning to build. I liked the way she has worked with me from understanding the requirements to writing content for us. She followed a structured process for all her blogs. She created a brand guideline doc, used outlines, and included a lot of stats and figures in all our articles. I highly recommend her services for content strategy/writing/marketing etc to any saas businesses.

Rajesh Boppana Product, MLveda

She’ll help you nail your USP, ICP, and voice. I didn’t know what my content would look like when I started out. But Mrignayni helped me build that and shape it to what it is today. Many, like me, starting out there, don’t know how to bring out their message to the world. But trust me, with the right people in your team, you can easily nail it. And Mrignayni is one of those people. She’ll help you nail your USP, ICP, market analysis, and voice and tone of content. I have known her for the last four years and she has been my go-person for marketing all sorts of content for my company and my clients.

Anujeet Shivam CEO, Web Ninja Solutions

We at Bizongo Artwork Flow have been working with Mrig for the last 6 months. Her team has been executing the entire content plan for us including blogs, websites, industry guides, case studies studies. Her efforts have resulted in increase of relevant traffic on the websites as well as conversions. Her approach to content is a mix of creative ideas and data driven thought process. Would definitely recommend her to SAAS founders who are looking to drive inbound via content.

Arjita Kulshreshtha​ Associate Director, Artwork Flow​

Mrig is definitely a natural at creating great Content Strategies and also making execution plans for the same. She helped us devise our go-to Content Marketing strategy at Listnr, wtih thorough detail! The jobs to be done framework introduced by Mrig was super helpful to us and helped us create a great PLG strategy too! If you're a SaaS startup that is looking to grow quickly, I would definitely suggest talking to Mrig.

Ananay Batra​ Founder & CEO, Listnr​

I have worked and known many professionals in the field of Content Creation and Strategy, however, Mrignayani is super efficient and definitely one of the most talented in the field. She is incredible with giving suggestions on Content Strategy. Her work ethics are supreme, and her ability to go out of her way to help people is a trait that is not found in many people. I wish her all the best for her future endeavours.

Soumya Ojha Content Writer at Tulip 3P Media Pvt. Ltd.

Mrignayni is one professional writer I highly recommend for all your content strategies and SEO optimization. Her prolific knowledge and experience in so many diverse niches make her one of the best content marketers I know. Just three things sum up her skills- efficient, quick, and result-oriented.

Abhishek Singh Digital Marketing Manager, Rus education